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Perhaps you’ve heard too much about snoring by now. This widespread problem affects many of us. Snoring is defined as loud breathing that makes unpleasant noises while you sleep. Men are more likely to suffer from it than women, it is hereditary, and it gets worse with age. Statistics show that 40 percent of men and 24 percent of women snore regularly. Snoring can be for many reasons, but it occurs whenever the air cannot flow smoothly or evenly through the airways. When the air flows appropriately through narrow air ducts, it causes the tissue to vibrate, causing noisy breathing. Treatment for snoring largely depends on the cause. However, in most cases it can be relieved by using nasal strips or nasal dilators. In the following article we will discuss this non-medical treatment for snoring and help you choose the best option that will be most effective.

Effects of Snoring

As mentioned earlier, there is always an underlying cause of snoring that is sometimes undiagnosed. However, snoring irritates and affects the person who sleeps next to the snorer, often more than the snorer himself, because he is usually not aware that he is snoring at all. According to statistics, 40 percent of people who sleep next to a snorer report that their sleep quality, mood and well-being are severely impaired. That being said, snoring can develop into a more serious problem, a condition known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in which breathing is temporarily interrupted for a few seconds due to a blockage in the airways. Not only does this lead to sleep deprivation, but it also carries numerous health risks, including:

  • Heart disease
  • Mental health problems (difficulty concentrating, memory problems, anxiety and depression)
  • Decrease in sexual desire
  • Decrease in the level of oxygen in the blood.
  • Increased risk of stroke
Snoring Sleep

Why should snoring be treated?

Snoring poses many health risks for the snorer himself and also affects the person who shares a room with the snorer. Therefore, snoring should be treated as soon as possible. Occasional snoring isn’t a cause for concern, but once it gets loud and chronic, it can lead to complications. Treatment usually depends on the cause of the airway narrowing or obstruction that is preventing easy airflow. Usually the first step in treatment is to use Breathe Right nasal strips or nasal dilators, which anyone can easily use themselves without medical supervision. Both aids address the most common cause of snoring, namely an obstruction in the nasal passage.

Nasal Dilators Against Snoring?

Nasal dilators are an over-the-counter option for treating snoring without the use of medication. The dilators widen or open the nasal passages. They are simple and safe to use and there are no reports or records of side effects. There are two different types of nasal dilators available for snoring:

  1. External nasal dilators (open the nasal passage by putting on a strip like a nasal bandage)
  2. Internal nasal dilators (these are inserted into the nose and keep the passage open for easy airflow)

In this article we are going to tell you about the external nasal dilators. Breathe Right is a well-known brand of nasal strips, however Noson’s nasal dilator is more effective for snoring with nasal causes.

What are nose strips for snoring?

Nasal strips against snoring, also commonly known as nasal strips or nasal patches, are stable adhesive strips, mostly made of plastic, which are stuck onto the outside of the nose. These are also known as external nasal dilators and are designed to open the nasal passage for improved airflow, which is said to reduce snoring with a blockage as the cause.

Snoring what can be done

How do nasal strips work?

The narrowest part of the human nose is the nasal valve, which narrows slightly when exposed to negative nasal pressure. Nasal strips adhere to the outer surface of the nose and act to keep the front nostril open while preventing it from narrowing or collapsing. By correctly placing these strips directly below the nasal bone about an inch behind the nostril, they prevent turbulent currents through the narrowest part of the nose. In addition, these strips act like a coiled spring that lifts the nasal passages, expanding the nasal cavity and improving airflow through the nose. If the cause of snoring lies in the front part of the nose, nasal strips effectively reduce snoring and improve the quality of sleep.

Do nasal strips work against snoring?

Yes, as long as there is an obstruction in the nose or nasal passage due to a curvature of the nasal septum, or if the nasal passages are narrowed by a blockage due to a cold or allergies. With a constriction, the air flows through the narrowed passages, whereby the surrounding tissue vibrates and the typical snoring sound is generated. Nasal strips or external nasal dilators relieve this narrowing of the nasal air passages and thus cope with snoring.

An article published in 2014 by the International Journal of Medicine states that various studies have shown that nasal strips decrease airway resistance and improve airflow. This article also notes a reduction in snoring based on nasal congestion or other nasal causes through the use of nasal strips.

Does Breathe Right nasal strips reduce snoring?

Breathe Right nasal strips are a popular brand of nasal patches for snoring, but do they work? Do they help reduce snoring and improve sleep quality? After many studies on the effectiveness of Breathe Right nasal strips and their effect on snoring, the results are mixed. While some studies concluded that nasal strips were successful in reducing snoring, other studies did not find any significant improvement.

Using Breathe Right nasal strips works best when the cause of the snoring is in the nose and can therefore be improved or eliminated by widening the nasal passages. A study of 30 people who snore showed that an external nasal dilator, similar to the Breathe Right nasal strip, was effective in reducing snoring in 73 percent of the participants. Other research shows that there was only a slight improvement in snoring and no improvement in sleep apnea with the use of Breathe Right nasal strips. This shows that the effectiveness of such nasal strips varies from person to person. For some, the application may result in a significant improvement, while others may notice little to no change. If there are other causes besides the narrowing of the nasal airways, the sufferer will most likely not feel any noticeable change from the use of nasal strips.

Nasal plaster

Side Effects of Breathe Right Nasal Strips

As a rule, nasal strips have no significant drawbacks, with the exception of a possible reaction of the skin to the adhesive with which the nasal strip adheres to the nose and the possible risk of skin damage when the strip is removed.

Pros of nasal strips against snoring

  • Simple and uncomplicated to use
  • Not invasive
  • No significant side effects


  • No reuse
  • May come off during the night
  • May cause skin irritation

Best and most effective alternative to Breathe Right nasal strips

Every snorer wants to find a safe and effective way to snore less. Those of you with snoring problems are familiar with the commonly used nasal strips. But now we are going to introduce you to the newest and most effective product to relieve your snoring. The nasal dilator from Noson is an innovation among nasal dilators. Because it effectively increases nasal breathing and reduces snoring.

How does the Noson nasal dilator work?

The mechanism of the Noson nasal dilator works similarly to the Breathe Right nasal strips. In order to increase nasal breathing, the nasal passages, which are narrowing due to a certain cause, are relieved. The dilator works well with people whose snoring can be traced back to a curvature of the nasal septum. The device consists of a wire that fits exactly on the outside of the nose and intranasal silicone pads that widen the nostrils without touching the sensitive nasal septum and causing unpleasant irritation. Using the nasal dilator from Noson is easier and more comfortable compared to sticking the nasal strips on, because you simply insert it into your nostrils. Plus, its small size means you can take it with you anywhere.

The nasal dilator stretches the nasal cartilage so that you can breathe freely and more air can get into your lungs. The more air flows in, the more oxygen is supplied to the blood. Because an improved oxygen saturation is vital for our body cells and their functions. In addition, an optimal oxygen content in the body is crucial for an improved metabolism and increased energy production. So the Noson nasal dilator not only reduces your snoring, but also has a positive effect on your health. One study found that nasal dilators were a little more effective when it comes to reducing snoring when compared to nasal strips.


Difference Between Nasal Strips And Nasal Dilators?

Choosing between nasal strips and nasal dilators for snoring symptoms may not be easy for you. To make the right decision, you should understand the difference between these two tools. Both claim to be able to reduce snoring, but as so often in direct comparison, one works better than the other. It is the same between nasal strips and dilators. Dilators are more effective in that they widen the nasal passages and allow more air to be breathed in. Nasal strips also open the nasal cavity, but not as much as the dilators. Another difference is that the nasal dilator fits perfectly into the nostrils and stays in place all night. On the other hand, nasal strips can peel off due to improper adhesion or under certain circumstances, such as oily skin. Compared to nasal strips, the nasal dilator is easy to use by simply inserting it into the nose. Although both devices are inexpensive, nasal strips have to be bought again and again because they cannot be reused. In contrast, the nasal dilator is a one-time purchase that can be used every night. The nasal dilator is not only easy on your airways, but also on your wallet.

Why is the nasal dilator so much more effective?

Nasal dilators work by opening your nostrils from the inside, much like creating more space by raising the sides of a tent. This enlarged interior space allows the person concerned to breathe more easily and with an optimal air flow. In addition, the turbulent air eddies are reduced by creating more space in the air ducts. The easier and uninterrupted breathing improves the quality of sleep. The more oxygen that is transported to vital parts of the body, including the heart and brain, the better our body cells work. The user of the dilator feels a noticeable improvement in concentration and memory.

In addition, the Noson nasal dilator increases breathing through the nose instead of the mouth, as is the case with most snorers. There are many benefits to nasal breathing, including cleaning, humidifying, and warming inhaled air before it reaches the lungs.

Pros of nasal dilators

  • Easy and quick to use
  • Available in different sizes for the optimal fit
  • Reusable


  • Requires regular cleaning
  • Can be uncomfortable if not properly seated

Who are nasal dilators suitable for?

A nasal dilator is suitable for snorers who snore nasally due to allergies or their anatomy, which can be reduced by opening the nostrils. It also benefits people who have not reduced their snoring after using nasal strips. Those affected, whose snoring behavior did not change when using nasal strips, often feel an improvement when using nasal dilators.

Noson Nasal Dilator for better nasal breathing


Snoring is not an uncommon problem. It harbors numerous health and well-being risks for the snorer himself and for his or her partner. Therefore, this problem should be addressed head-on because if left untreated, it can lead to serious complications that are difficult to deal with at a later stage. The first and most important step in treatment should be a drug-free and non-invasive method. Noson’s nasal dilator is one of the best, most effective, non-invasive options for treating snoring. Apart from reducing the symptoms of snoring, the Noson nasal dilator has a positive effect on the quality of sleep and as a result benefits the health and psyche of the person concerned. After using the Noson nasal dilator, patients notice a noticeable improvement in snoring and their quality of life.



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