Why more and more professional athletes are using the Noson nasal dilator



Healthy and effective breathing is critical to health and body function. Almost all basic functions of the body such as digestion, muscle movements, brain power, etc. require a normal supply of oxygen, which is done through breathing. The oxygen is transported through the inhaled air and delivered to the target organs via the blood. The brain constantly detects the oxygen content in the body and adjusts the breathing rate by sending stimuli to the muscles involved in breathing depending on the body’s activity status. With increasing activity, the breathing rate also increases and can increase up to 40 to 60 times per minute. The increase in breathing rate leads to an increase in the oxygen supply. In order to meet the increased oxygen demand in athletes, studies have shown not only the beneficial effects of the nasal dilator, but also its performance-enhancing effect.


The role of the nasal dilator?

Nasal dilators were developed and introduced in the 1990s to deal with the problems caused by narrowed airways, including snoring. The mechanism behind the nasal dilators is that they decrease the resistance of the nasal airways and allow for improved nasal breathing. External or internal nasal dilators both work by opening the nasal passages and allowing more air to flow in with each breath. In 1996 they became very popular at the Atlanta Olympics. When a nasal dilator is used during physical activity, it reduces nasal resistance and the resulting reduction in breathing effort improves breathing. Trainers and athletes believe that their breathing will improve and that they will get better results by using the nasal dilator. Many athletes, motorcycle racers and cyclists use nasal dilators to optimize their performance, concentration and focus.

Noson Nasal Dilator - Thomas Litscher - EKOI


What is the Noson nasal dilator?

A Swiss start-up, NOSON AG, has developed an internal nasal dilator called the Noson Nasal Dilator after years of research into breathing problems. The dilator aims to improve nasal breathing, which has many advantages over mouth breathing. When air passes through the nasal passage, it becomes moist, clean and warm. People with compromised nasal passages tend to mouth breathe. For such individuals, the Noson Nasal Dilator works by improving nasal breathing. When inserted into the nostrils, it expands them. Keeping the nostrils open helps to breathe better through the nose.


Why do athletes need a nasal dilator?

Athletes who are physically active need more oxygen to meet the body’s demands. When they are physically active, they will switch to mouth breathing to get more oxygen. However, if they use a Noson nasal dilator, they will continue to use nasal breathing with increased oxygenation, as the dilation of the nostrils will eventually allow more air to enter. Once more breathing air comes in, more oxygen can be carried and the body gets the energy it needs to perform better. The ergonomically designed Noson nasal dilator is easy to use and fits securely during sports and other physical activities. For male and female athletes, internal nasal dilators like Noson nasal dilators are preferred over external nasal dilators or strips. This is because internal nasal dilators fit snugly to the nose and do not cause any unpleasant side effects. In contrast, external nasal dilators can detach through sweating and cause skin irritation.

Moto GP - Jorge Martín - Noson Nasal Dilator


Athletes’ performance can be improved by the use of nasal dilators.

Athletes are physically active individuals and their muscles are constantly being used during performance. Without the right energy, the muscle can become fatigued and its performance impaired. During physical activity, the body’s metabolic rate increases to provide the muscles with the increased energy they need. The body uses oxygen to produce energy in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). So to produce more ATP (energy), the body needs more oxygen, which can be supplied with the help of a Noson nasal dilator. To optimise nasal breathing, many athletes use nasal dilators and feel that their performance has improved significantly afterwards.

A research study of nasal dilators showed that they increased airflow through the nose by 38%. Famous athletes like Danillo Petrucci, Pol Espargaro, Aleix Espargaro, Jorge Martin, Roberto Rolfo and many of them are motorcycle racers. Although they are successful athletes, they can significantly improve their performance at championships by using a nasal dilator. Motorcyclists must wear a helmet to protect themselves from accidental damage that makes breathing significantly difficult. Another reason to use a noson nasal dilator is because motorcyclists move at a very high speed that makes it difficult to suck in fresh air. However, if they use a nasal dilator while driving, their nostrils will spread wide apart, reducing drag at higher speeds. This allows more air to pass through the nose into the lungs and to carry more oxygen. This oxygen not only gives them more energy, but is also needed by the brain so that it can concentrate better on the race.

Pol Espargaró is a Spanish MotoGP racer made famous by winning the Moto2 World Championship in 2013. In his most recent race in the Teruel GP, he used a nasal dilator to improve his nasal breathing, oxygenation and performance.

In a similar way, the well-known cyclists such as Reto Indegrand, Fabian Giger, Thomas Litscher, Antoine Philipe need more strength when going uphill or when they have to drive more strenuous routes. The energy comes from oxygen, which can be supplied through breathing. So it’s clear that using a Noson nasal dilator will widen the nasal passages to allow more air to enter the lungs, which carries more oxygen. This oxygen is then used to energize the muscles that are used when cycling, thereby increasing performance.

Athletes typically practice breathing techniques that they use during races to meet the body’s energy needs. The training also aims to change breathing patterns so that more oxygen can get into the body. In addition to these techniques, the nasal dilator Noson helps to achieve better nasal breathing and optimal performance in sports or any physical activity. Even if these techniques are not used, just using a nasal dilator offers many benefits to the athlete.

Reto Indergand - BMC Mountain Bike Racing - Noson Nasal Dilator


Benefits of the Noson nasal dilator

In addition to improving nasal breathing in athletes, Noson nasal dilators also have the following advantages:

In addition to improving nasal breathing in athletes, Noson nasal dilators also have the following advantages:


Ergonomic design

The carefully ergonomically shaped Noson nasal dilator ensures a secure fit without causing discomfort.


Improves concentration and focus

The improved breathing provides the brain with more oxygen, which improves concentration, memory and focus.


Improves physical performance

The nasal dilator Noson also covers the increased energy requirements of the body muscles through an additional supply of oxygen.


Optimized air supply

It gently spreads the nostrils and widens the nasal passages for an optimized air supply during sport.


Increases the level of oxygen in the blood

Improved nasal breathing increases the amount of oxygen in the blood that the body needs during physical activity.


Strengthening the immune system

Improved breathing and oxygen levels also strengthen the immune system and make it more efficient at fighting disease.


Healthy sleep

Using a nasal dilator while sleeping enables a healthy sleep e.g. B before a race or championship.

Lemans - Roberto Rolfo - Noson


Studies on the effectiveness of nasal dilators in athletes

Since the introduction of nasal dilators, numerous studies have been conducted into their role in improving athletes’ performance. A study of 19 athletes concluded that those who took part were less fatigued when they used a nasal dilator than those who exercised without a nasal dilator. Another study showed that athletes with nasal dilators improved the permeability of the nose, which would have improved their breathing and performance. Another study of the use of nasal dilators in athletes confirmed that nasal resistance was reduced and oxygen uptake was improved.




Noson’s nasal dilator is one of the best ways to promote nasal breathing in athletes. The dilator was developed with the extreme stress in mind to ensure comfort and a secure fit. Athletes who use Noson nasal dilators find that it makes their breathing much easier and helps them focus better during exercise. The increased oxygen uptake through open air channels provides the athlete with a constant source of energy. It will also reduce the athletes’ perception of fatigue, causing them to perform more vigorously and energetically. We hope that in the future, the benefits of noson nasal dilators will encourage more and more athletes to use them to optimize their performance.




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